SDPA Fall 2018 | Product Theater | The Evolution of Topical Rosacea Treatment

In the second product theater on the first day of the general conference, Dr. Jeffery Fromowitz shared his clinical experience treating rosacea with topical products. Dr. Fromowitz highlighted that rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects approximately 16 million Americans and can occur in any race or ethnic background. In addition, rosacea can adversely affect psychological well-being.

Dr. Fromowitz presented topical ivermectin, Soolantra, for the topical treatment of rosacea. He emphasized Soolantra’s dual mechanism of action – anti-inflammatory and antiparasitc actions. In addition to improving IGA scores, Soolantra cream was more tolerable than vehicle.

In the efficacy trial, by week 12 there signficiant reduction in the number of inflammatory lesions and in the long-term safety trial there were no safety signals with up to 52 weeks of use.

The Soolantra vs. MetroCream 0.75% study, there was a greater inflammatory lesion reduction with Sollantra as early as week 3, and 60% more subjects achieve clear skin with Soolantra vs. MetroCream.

In closing, Dr. Fromowitz stated that Soolantra’s dual mechanism of action, superior efficacy to MetroCream 0.75% cream and safety and tolerability profile make is a powerhouse in the treatment of rosacea.