Stephen Tyring, MD, discusses Off-label Use of Medications
October 18, 2022

Dermcast.live host Hope Cook, PA-C, engages Dr. Stephen Tyring in an interesting conversation about dermatological conditions for which off-label use of medications are helpful (e.g., warts and autoimmune blistering diseases). Dr. Tyring also guides listeners through situations in which off-label use is the only reasonable choice (e.g., no on-label medications exist, insurance does not cover

Pediatric Dermatology with Lisa Swanson, MD

Pediatric dermatologists pride themselves on being excellent clinical diagnosticians, Dr. Lisa Swanson stated during an Dermcast.live interview hosted by Rob Casquejo, PA-C.  “We really try to figure it out based on the clues, the history, the way the rash presents or the way the spot looks,” she said. “But sometimes, we do have to biopsy”,

Skin Cancer: An Update on Non-Melanoma and Melanoma with Travis Vandergriff, MD
June 28, 2022

SDPA Summer Conference Medical Director Travis Vandergriff, MD, reviewed the epidemiology of melanoma in a lecture focused on melanoma and non-melanoma in U.S. patients. Melanoma is the fifth most diagnosed cancer in people in the US with the highest incidence among non-Hispanic white males and the lowest incidence among black women. A review of data

Literature Update Including Feedback on Telemedicine and Inaccurate Medial Information on Social Media
June 17, 2022

Long time SDPA favorite, Ted Rosen, MD, highlighted timely, intriguing and important updates found within the medical literature for 2022 in a presentation at the SDPA Annual Summer Dermatology Conference in Austin, Texas. He initiated the talk reviewing an article out of Sweden where patients report they are not receiving enough information from their physicians