Vascular Anomalies in Children
November 26, 2022

Diagnosing and treating babies can be exciting and challenging, according to Yasmine Kirkorian, MD, who is among the limited number of pediatric dermatologists working across the country. In this Dermcast.live session, Dr. Kirkorian and Dermcast.live host Hope Cook, PA-C, discuss the diagnosis of common vascular anomalies in children with a focus on the diagnosis of

Everything that is New and Exciting in Pediatric Dermatology
July 1, 2022

Lisa Swanson, MD, the only practicing pediatric dermatologist in the state of Idaho, shared pearls of wisdom gained with full audience of dermatology professionals at SDPA’s summer conference in Austin, Texas. Her humor was evident as she initiated the lecture with, “Are you guys ready to be slapped in the face with pediatric dermatology?” “Early

Pediatric Dermatology: Solutions to Challenging Cases

As a seasoned pediatric dermatologist, Lisa Swanson, MD, enlightened the DermPAs™ and others in attendance at SDPA Annual Summer Dermatology Conference in Austin, Texas. The diagnosis and treatment of hemangiomas were reviewed through cases from Dr. Swanson’s practice. She reminded attendees that “not every red bump is a hemangioma”. Hemangiomas are best described as not