Ted Rosen, MD, Unravels the Itchy Dermatoses Puzzle: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
November 4, 2023

Ted Rosen, MD, began his lecture on itchy dermatoses by defining itch as “the unpleasant sensation which evokes the desire to scratch.”  While histamine can be a major driver of itch, there are numerous others including neuropeptides, proteases, cytokines, substance P, therefore, it is important to consider the addition of other agents beyond antihistamines to

Selecting the Best Psoriasis Treatments for Your Patients
February 15, 2023

Expert DermPAs Cynthia Trickett, MPAS, PA-C, and Hope Cook, PA-C, exchange interesting information about their deep experience managing a range of patients presenting with psoriasis. They kick-off the conversation discussing two new non-steroidal, once-a-day treatments for psoriasis and close out the video sharing thoughts on treating children, pregnant women and more. “Selecting the Best Psoriasis