Acne, Rosacea and Educating Patients
February 17, 2023

Dispelling myths associated with acne amongst teenagers and other patients is part of a dermatologist’s job that has expanded due to the internet and social media. In a discussion with Dermcast.live host Hope Cook, PA-C, renowned physician Hilary Baldwin laughs as she mentions “home remedies” for acne including the application of tooth paste and tomato

Acne and Rosacea: Not your Mama’s Acne and Rosacea Regimens
September 17, 2022

From children to grandparents, Shanna Miranti, MPAS, PA-C, built a successful career working with a range of patients facing all severity levels of acne and rosacea. In this video, Dermcast.live host Rob Casquejo, PA-C, talks with Miranti about new therapies for acne and rosacea, and the importance of staying on the cutting edge regarding available

Not Your Mama’s Acne and Rosacea Regimen: Shanna Miranti, MPAS, PA-C, Shares a Fresh Perspective on Treating Familiar Conditions
June 18, 2022

Shanna Miranti, MPAS, PA-C, gave an engaging presentation on acne and rosacea therapy at the SDPA Annual Summer Dermatology Conference in Austin. She reminded the audience tretinoin became a prescription medication 50 years ago. While still one of the first-line medications for acne patients, it is vital to stay updated with new medications and formulations