Acne: Topical Regimens, Oral Antibiotics, and Managing Isotretinoin
March 1, 2022

Challenges related to treating acne are examined in this Dermcast.live interview featuring John Barbieri, MD, MBA, and host Hope Cook, PA-C. Dr. Barbieri discusses evidence-based prescription drug selection, the cost of drugs, and how a patient’s diet impacts acne. Healthcare professionals, patients, and parents should take a few minutes to watch this informative 18-minute video.

Skin of Color: “Red Does Not Look Red on Every Skin Type”
February 9, 2022

Candrice Heath, MD, offers key tips on skin of color and the unique presentation of common conditions in this lively discussion with Dermcast host Hope Cook, PA-C. Dr. Heath, a triple board-certified dermatologist practicing in Philadelphia, shares insights on diagnosing, treating, and having difficult conversations with pediatric and adult patients. This podcast gives providers new