Empowering #dermPAs: SDPA President Laura Bush’s Message of Commitment and Unity

SDPA President Laura Bush, DMSc, PA-C, DFAAPA, welcomed attendees of the SDPA 21st annual fall dermatology conference Thursday with an engaging intimate address. She shared a personal story of a “full circle” moment in her career when she realized a fellow #dermPA volunteer was the child of a woman with whom she worked with 28 years earlier.  Bush had encouraged this woman to become an NP, which she did, and used this experience to illustrate that “you never know who is watching you and the impression you can leave with others.”

She commended the conference’s high-caliber speakers, recognizing them as among the most brilliant minds currently contributing to the field of dermatology. She urged participants to revel in their own fervor and unwavering commitment to the discipline of dermatology. Drawing from her personal journey attending the inaugural SDPA conference in San Antonio in 2003, she recounted leaving the event invigorated, enthusiastic, and deeply connected.

Further, Bush revealed her path to volunteer leadership within the SDPA and encouraged others to do the same. She charged fellow #dermPAs to actively participate, ask questions, share experiences and advance their own career path. She concluded with encouraging attendees to remember “we are shaping the future of our profession and to never underestimate your value and ours as a collective base.”

Byline: Sarah B.W. Patton, MSHS, PA-C

Pictured: SDPA Board President Laura Bush, DMSc, PA-C, DFAAPA