Celebrating 50 Years of the PA Profession

Exciting Times Are Here…

Join the SDPA as We Celebrate the PA Profession Turning Fifty Years Old


Think back to fifty years ago…

There was a significant physician shortage in the United States. Access to healthcare was very limited. Eugene A. Stead Jr., MD thought of an innovative solution to remedy the problem… create the PA profession.

Fifty years later, we are fulfilling exactly the purpose for which our profession was created… to improve access to healthcare. We have moved far beyond practicing in only the primary care arena and now serve as frontline providers in nearly every specialty.

Our profession is exponentially expanding, from one PA program fifty years ago to over 200 PA programs nationwide today. From four PAs in the first graduating class to over 100,000 graduates to date.

Today, I urge each of you to reflect upon the great strides we have made together as a profession. Take a moment to thank those in national, state and local chapters who have helped grow the PA profession to where it is today. Next, imagine where you envision our profession fifty years from now…

Then, take action! Get involved in your local, state, and/or national chapter. Whether we realize it or not, with each day that passes, we are writing the future of our profession. Let’s join together and make our future even brighter than our past.

Warm Regards,

Archana Sangha MMS, PA-C


PA Week 2016 | October 6 – 12