Lasers in Skin of Color

Lasers in Skin of Color

Faculty: Andrew Alexis, MD

There are important nuances in the use of lasers in skin of color. Structural and functional differences such as increased melanin and labeled melanocytes responses contribute to higher risks of dyspigmentation associated with the use of lasers and other energy-based devices in patients with skin color. Notwithstanding these risks, lasers and energy-based devices have broad applications in the treatment of numerous dermatological concerns – both medical and aesthetic – in patients with skin of color. These include laser hair removal, non-ablative resurfacing, and photo rejuvenation. During this podcast, recommended approaches to laser selection and treatment parameters across the spectrum of skin phototypes and indications will be discussed.

At the conclusion of the podcast, participants will:

  • Recognize variations in laser tissue interactions in populations with Fitzpatrick skin phototype IVVI.
  • Discuss safe and effective treatment approaches using lasers in patients with skin of color.
  • Discuss the role of lasers in the treatment of specific dermatologic concerns in skin of color.

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