AAD President Discusses Advocacy, Education and Team-Based Medicine

September 24, 2023

Amber Blair, MMS, PA-C, the President-Elect of SDPA, had the pleasure of interviewing American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Board President Terrence A. Cronin Jr., MD, FAAD, about vital issues and partnerships within the field of dermatology. During the conversation, Dr. Cronin touched upon topics such as lifelong learning, training, and team-based medicine. He also dedicated time to the crucial subject of advocacy, particularly related to physician payment and inflation.

Dr. Cronin highlighted AAD’s successful efforts in advocating on Capitol Hill to prevent cuts in physician payments. However, he emphasized the ongoing pursuit of linking physician payments to an inflation-based index. Dr. Cronin reminded listeners that the majority of dermatology offices are small businesses that employ highly educated and talented professionals. He underscored that without fair compensation, retaining exceptional staff becomes increasingly challenging.